More than 120 competitors will try for cash prizes while showjumper Tom McDermott tries to take home the inaugural $50,000 NSW Triple Crown Series bonus—the largest prize for any single showjumper in Australia. He’s already won the NSW Country Showjumping Championships and the NSW State Titles. Now he must take the top spot at the WIllinga Park Grand Final to claim the giant cheque.

If you’re not a showjumping aficionado, you can enjoy a relaxing walk through the grounds to see our world-class architecture, unique sculpture walk, captivating scenery and beautiful native plantings. Design and architecture fans will love our national and international award-winning buildings; gardeners will marvel at our reclaimed grazing country that is now home to a botanic garden with more than 11,000 trees, shrubs and plants thriving in the Bawley Point microclimate.

Join the tours, see the beautiful views, enjoy food, drinks and activities for kids along the scenic South Coast.



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