The Gardens

The gardens at Willinga Park have been developed on remnant degraded grazing country. The gardens were created in 2010 comprising of 5ha site with possible future extension. The gardens will be extended to encompass the native woodlands (3ha) to the west over the next few years with only endemic plantings and can be seen at the back of the gardens.

There have been in excess of 8000 trees, shrubs and plants incorporated into the property. Across the valley there is an arboretum, with a program of planting out more native trees throughout the property.

The plantings in the gardens are mainly Australian natives, some endemic to our area. The gardens, now have an established micro-climate that will require the collection to be substantially re-planted over the next three years as plants outgrow their now allocated space.

The water system comprises pools and a huge reservoir to catch nutrients and recirculate into the garden. The pools and pathway have been designed to slow up run off and recharge water aquifers. There is an exploding population of Green and Golden Bell frogs in what is an ideal environment for their development as well as other fauna.

This garden will have a long journey to completion, this is only the beginning. We hope to expand the collection and in the future, have it open for the community to enjoy offering a diversity of plant life and passive recreation.