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Entry Fees:

(prices include GST)

Volkswagen Gold Buckle Final Draw – $1,100.00
Ladies Dash for Cash- $275.00
PDA Marble & Granite Feature Cut Out- $330.00

The cattle levy is non-refundable if entries are scratched after the 12:00PM Thursday 6th May:

  • Gold Buckle- $150.00
  • Ladies Dash for Cash- $50.00
  • Feature Cut Out- $50.00

Add Ons:

Stable including power & water- $225.00
Yards including power & water- $75.00

SCA Membership & Registration:

All competitors must be either a current member of SCA, or purchase a weekend
membership at a cost of $70.00.


Helmets must be worn by all competitors competing.

  • SCA Rules Clause 5. HARDHATS:
    • Hardhats must be worn when competing at any Southern Campdrafting
    • Association Limited affiliated campdraft or practice event.
    • Hardhats worn must also comply with current Australian Safety Standards (3838).
    • The chinstrap must be securely fastened under the chin.
    • Anyone under the age of 18 years must wear hardhats at all times whilst mounted.
    • Caps must not be worn under a helmet or whilst in the arena.


The Willinga Park Campdraft is being conducted under Southern Campdraft Association
Rules and Regulations – please refer to the SCA rule book for any clarification.

Ladies Dash For Cash

  • Open to competitors aged 18 years of age at the day of competition or over.
  • Each competitor is limited to 1 run.
  • The competing horse must compete in the Gold Buckle Campdraft.
  • First 80 nominations will be accepted.

Volkswagen Gold Buckle Final Draw

  • Top 30 (approx.) riders will hand draw their draw.
  • The draw will be conducted in leaderboard order; however, competitors with more
    than one horse in the final will draw first.
  • If a competitor has more than 1 horse in the final; competitor must be more than 5
    runs apart.
  • If the competitor draws within the 5 runs of themselves, the competitor must throw
    the number back into the hat until the competitor draws a number more the 5 runs


Please note whilst attending and competing at all Southern Campdrafting Association
Affiliated Campdrafts the following stallion rules must be adhered to:

  • All Stallions are to be double tied by neck strap and halter and enclosed in a panelled
    yard on the campdraft grounds.
  • Only 1 horse is allowed per enclosure.
  • Panels must be a minimum of 1500mm in height. Panels must be constructed using an
    equivalent of 4 bars of 25mm box or pipe equivalent as a minimum. Panels must be
    anchored securely to a solid object i.e. truck, post or tree.
  • Stallions may be unrestrained in a panelled yard during daylight hours only, if an
    additional tape barrier is erected at a minimum of 1 metre outside the panelled yard.
  • Junior members are not permitted to ride Stallions. Juvenile members may only ride Stallions when competing in drafts and when not competing the Stallion is to be under Adult supervision or suitably restrained at all times.

Stallions may also be stabled at Willinga Park.

Competitor Portable / Tape Yards:

All competitors not booked into stables or permanent yards, will be required to park in a
separate parking area, which is fully fenced.

If constructing your own yards, please ensure it is ONLY in the areas identified as we have
services running throughout all of the facility. STRICTLY no star pickets or similar are to be
driven into the ground anywhere else.

There is no power available in this area, so please bring a generator if you need it.

Horse water will be available in 1000L tanks spread throughout this area.

Time of Entry:

At the time of entry; competitors will be expected to pay nominations in full via credit card.

Prize Money will be paid within 10 working days of the event and will be paid by EFT. Please
ensure when entering you provide your bank account details.


We love dogs at Willinga Park however for the safety of others and of course the horses,
please keep them on a lead at all times.

Competitor Area:

Due to Covid-19, competitors will have a designated seating area. Please see below map for

If you wish to sit in the grandstand or spectator area, tickets must be purchased through our

Competitor Registrations have closed.

More Questions?

Any further enquiries can be directed to Laura Lawrence on 0498 590 509 or

Can’t wait to see you there!


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