News / 17 April 2018

Campdraft Count Down

Willinga Park’s Terry Snow has an update for you on the World Championship Gold Buckle Campdraft. Count down is on!

We’re very excited down here in Willinga Park, things are starting to take place for our Gold Buckle Campdraft to be held the 17th to 19th of May.

We’ve almost finished constructing our new covered arena seating, it’ll be 485 seats under cover (and they are proper seats with arms on them) and they’ll be very comfortable, in fact I tested them myself.

We’ve also got seating along the edge of the arena, for approximately another 1,500 people, and we’re starting to put those into place now.

So all in all, everything seems to be falling into place for this fantastic event, which we’re all very excited about.

We’ve organised a pop-up bar for you, plus some great fantastic vendors. It’s certainly going to be something, we’ve had a lot of interest from all over Australia, particularly the northern areas of New South Wales.

We’ve got Glen O’Neill competing, and we’ve got Johnny Mitchell – he still thinks he’s got it, and looks forward to chasing all you heroes around to see if he can walk away with $100,000 first prize.

Also, Mark Barton at Landmark has agreed to extend horses bought at our sale, permission to take part in the Landmark Classic, which is held in Tamworth. This was a fantastic thing that Landmark have done to encourage Campdrafting. I don’t think we’d have this sport in such a good condition as it is now in Australia without the support and sponsorship of Landmark, it’s truly wonderful that they’ve got behind this, and our fillies and young mares on sale on the Saturday just before the grand final will be a major part of the three-day event. So that’s a very exciting addition to the program.

Spectator tickets are now on sale and I look forward to seeing you at the event!

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