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The FEI Regional Dressage Forum is an international seminar for trainers, coaches, riders, officials and dressage enthusiasts, who converge at Willinga Park for both theoretical and practical demonstrations. Dressage techniques are scrutinised and examined. Current political proposals, which have an impact on dressage sport, are aired, and the latest developments in horse management and sports science are also presented. Respected international judges also convene at the Forum to evaluate and discuss international judging with riders and trainers. The intention is to provide a medium through which a common dressage language and philosophy can evolve and spread globally.

Delegates are invited to be open-minded to explore ideas, not only with sport ‘insiders’ but also with sports scientists and experts from other sports.

Key Topics

  • Taking a team to the Olympic podium.
  • Team building and team training.
  • Horse welfare, a social license for equestrian sport.
  • Equine biomechanics and physiology advances.
  • Movements from the judge’s standpoint.
  • Veterinary management of equine athletes during overseas travel and extreme climates.
  • How to build horse sport so fans and sponsors will come.
  • How to create modern shows.
  • Speakers representing Equestrian Australia and the FEI.
  • Para-dressage.

Meet the Speakers

Willinga Park hosted an impressive list of speakers at the 2020 FEI Regional Dressage Forum. These experts from the international dressage community covered various topics from horse welfare, equine biomechanics and physiology advances, preparing a team for the Olympics and more.

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