News / 9 November 2017

Garden Clubs Australia Visits Willinga Park

This week Willinga Park welcomes the Garden Clubs of Australia National Convention to the Shoalhaven.

Coordinated by our friends at the Ulludulla & Districts Garden Club, plant enthusiasts and students from fields such as horticulture and landscape architecture have spent two days at Willinga Park exploring our botanic gardens. We hope you have had a fabulous time!

The gardens at Willinga Park were developed in 2010 on remnant degraded grazing country and now comprise of a 5ha site. There has been in excess of 8000 trees, shrubs and plants incorporated into the property. The majority of these plantings are Australian natives with a large number endemic to our area.

The water system comprises pools and a huge reservoir to catch nutrients and recirculate into the garden. The pools and pathway have been designed to slow up run off and recharge water aquifers. There is an exploding population of the rare Green and Golden Bell frogs in what is an ideal environment for their development as well as other fauna.


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