Recap: Jumping@Willinga

Recap: Jumping@Willinga

Recap: Jumping@Willinga

22 September 2022

Where does and Event Director start – in the Thanks Department!

Firstly thank you to our Sponsors – we cannot do it without you – both our Seasonal Sponsors (4Cyte, Hisway, Shepperd’s Electrical, Netier, Construction Control and Cox Architecture – and our smaller event ones, including Yandoo Park and Stal Tops to name just two.

Secondly – thank you to all the crew and officials who helped make the event rider friendly.
Our judges, Archer MJ, Angel Hodgetts and Emma Longford, our Course designers – David Sheppard and Mark Atkins (and their trusty side-kicks Ian Chalmers and Manuel Sant) our Stewards Jan Golding & Jen Smith – and to Equipe and Uli Klatte.  The fabulousness of our event starts at the Stables – with Kerrie Payne – and continues on with the Willinga Park crew – who come third in the thanks department!  Darryl Leigh, Ian Dadd and Luke Bow – helped create an event that was happy, fun and great competition.

Thanks also go of course to the competitors who came for our first competition on the big arena – and rode like it mattered – well it did!  Thank you for your co-operation regarding the Live Stream and draw order!

Lastly thanks to the spectators who came and watched – we hope you enjoyed the day – and will come to many more at Willinga Park.

Including our Arena Eventing and Combined Training to be held on Saturday 8 & Sunday 9 October.
Even if we cannot get onto the Cross Country course, we can do this! Entry is free – so come and enjoy a day or two watching some great action at Willinga Park.

Warm regards,
Edwena Mitchell
Event Director