News / 29 November 2019

Willinga Park Wins Environmental Efficiency Award with Innovative Energy Solution

Willinga Park’s stockyards powerhouse has claimed top prize in the Energy Efficiency & Environment category of the National Electrical and Communications Association National Excellence Awards.  These awards are considered to be the most prestigious awards in the Australian electrotechnology industry.

Willinga Park is a 2,000 acre, world-class equestrian facility that has one of Australia’s largest private micro-grids to accommodate increased electrical demand during major equestrian events.

Events can often require 10-20 times the electrical demand over the capacity of the available mains connection. So to create an innovative and sustainable solution, Willinga Park commissioned a 500-kilowatt, solar system, a 2.1 kWh Tesla battery storage system, and MVA diesel generators spread across three engines, to provide the alternative power supply.

“We passionate about creating sustainability across Willinga Park, and we are truly thrilled that has been recognised with this award,” says Terry Snow of Willinga Park.


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