News / 10 May 2017

Willinga’s Inaugural Campdraft a Big Hit

Willinga Park’s inaugural campdraft was held over 22 & 23 April and was a great weekend enjoyed by competitor and spectator alike.

A big thank you goes out to our sponsors and cattle donors who without your generosity, the day wouldn’t have been possible.


Maiden DraftW.J. Gibbs and Co –
Junior DraftElders Cleary McDowall –
Juvenile DraftLandmark Braidwood –
Ladies DraftSchofield Livestock Cooma
Open DraftGeo Babington Engineering
Cut-out FeatureCRT Milton
Novice DraftAngus Barrett Saddlery –
Encouragement DraftSouth Ulladulla Meat Market –
Restricted Open DraftGlasser Total Sales Management –

Plus a special thanks to Prydes Feed and Harold Boot Company

Cattle Donors

Richard and Suzie Maple Brown, Robert Miller, Francis Duffy and family, Sandy and Maria Anderson, Peter and Fiona Smith, Manildra Group, Cleary Bros, Ashley Mathie, Ozzie and Shelley Hancock, Blayne and Karma Smith.


Well done to all who competed over the weekend, below are a list of our winners and placegetters.

Maiden Draft

Results 1) Luke Whitehead on LEALUKAS JESSIE JAMES 171. 2) Cody Dever on MIST 150. 3) Ben Mooney on YALLATA PARK EXECUTION 112. 4) Ben Mooney on EAGLE BRAVE 111. 5) Scott Shea on MIDDY 107. =6) Jessie Britton on STYLISH JEWEL 105. =6) Jessie Britton on CRACKIN PETA 105. =6) Ben Mooney on MOO RECON 105.

Junior Draft

Results 1) Montanna Chamberlain on BESS 74. 2) Zac Van Weerdenburg on RUBY LEE 20. =3) Carlie French on NIK NAK 19. =3) Gracie McNaughton on BALLERINA 19. 5) Carlie French on MISS DROVER 18. 6) Zac Van Weerdenburg on SPARKY 17.

Juvenile Draft

Results 1) Harry Whitehead on ONE MORE CURRY 86. =2) Isobel Burgun on ROCKY 84. =2) Dan French on MISS DROVER 84. 4) Bella Whitehead on PRINCESS 82. =5) Chelsea Neale on DOUBLE STAR 22. =5) Jack Ventry on BLACK BETTY 22. =5) Harry Whitehead on LEALUKAS JESSIE JAMES 22.

Ladies Draft

Results 1) Chelsea Neale on RISING STAR 175. 2) Lyn Kelly on KELLYVILLE MERCEDES 171. 3) Isobel Burgun on ROCKY 158. 4) Alison Mathie on MERCEDES 97. The next riders only had a camp score in the first round so they didn’t qualify for 1st – 4th. 5) Emma Mooney on ROXBY PARK DELIAH 111. 6) Lucy Sellers on WALLEROO ASHA 110.

Novice Draft

Results 1) Troy Palmer on ROMEOS CHILD* 175. 2) Troy Madden on ROXY 173. 3) Chrissie French on SUPER IDEA 172. 4) David Thorn on HAZELWOOD CONDUCT 171. 5) David Thorn on ALDWYN RIVOLI ROZAY 170. =6) Toby Rofe on HOLLY 168. =6) Toby Rofe on TOBY’S MOLLY 168. *Owned by Terry Snow, and also was awarded “Most Successful Willinga Park Horse”.

Cut-out Feature

Results 1) Phillip Collins on SPIN ONE MOORE 24.

Open Campdraft

Results 1) Troy Madden on ACRES OF ACTION 174. 2) David Thorn on HAZELWOOD DEX 173. 3) David Thorn on HAZELWOOD CONDUCT 171. 4) Lyn Kelly on GREENTOP DRUMMER 169. =5) Jessie Britton on HIGHFLYER 164. =5) Troy Palmer on WHITNEY 164.

Encouragement Draft

Results 1) Cody Dever on MIST 80. 2) Ash Mathie on TILLY 78. 3) Ash Mathie on HELENA 77. 4) Daniel Lang on DEZZY 71. 5) Robert Chamberlain on JAZZWAY 61. =6) Chloe Blackwell on JOEY 20. =6) Scott Everingham* on ONE MORE SOLDIER (DIGGER)* 20. =6) Kandee Thorn on LIBERTY 20. *Willinga Park’s Scott Everingham on Willinga Park horse.

Restricted Open (Open to Open and Novice Horses Only)

Results 1) Ben Mooney on ROXBY PARK DELIAH 168. 2) David Thorn on OH HOW FOXY 166. 3) Lucy Sellers on WALLEROO ASHA 165. 4) Matt French on DREAMTIME 150. 5) Lenny Madden on ACRES OF ACES 103. 6) Phillip Collins on SWITCH 95.

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