Our Gardens

Our Gardens

Welcome to what can only be described as 10ha of native Australian wonderland.

The gardens at Willinga Park stand on degraded grazing country, incredibly transformed into a natural paradise featuring winding paths, water features and striking art. 

The first plants were seeded in 2010. Today, more than 11,000 trees, plants and shrubs make up a stunning plantscape that can be explored and enjoyed for hours. Our gardens are the perfect place to disconnect with modern life and truly connect with nature.

The vision for our gardens stretches out to 2024, eventually incorporating 3ha of native woodlands to the west of Willinga Park.

The gardens’ water system comprises pools and a huge reservoir to catch nutrients and recirculate them back into the grounds. Pools and pathways are designed to slow run-off and recharge water aquifers.

An exploding population of Green and Golden Bell Frogs are making the most of what is an ideal environment for their development.