Horses for sale

Horses for sale

The Australian Stock Horse is ingrained in the history of our country, with ancestors of the breed tracing back to the First Fleet.

While the exact origin of the breed often sparks debate, one thing is for sure – the Australian Stock Horse is truly unique to Australia. The breed’s physical and mental attributes reflect the climate, landscape and people of this country. 

The Australian Stock Horse is athletic, intelligent, tough, courageous and has the perfect temperament. It’s a breed with the hallmarks of strength, stamina, reliability and versatility.

Its conformation is well-balanced. The Australian Stock Horse has a neat hoof for agility, refined and hardy legs, a sloping shoulder, and strong, rounded hindquarters.

Our horses are a collection of what we consider to be some of the best in breed. We’ve carefully selected horses for their conformation and ability. Many have a strong history of being successful in-show or competition, and have strong lineage to the best pedigree stock horses in the country.

Today, we’re introducing the best in Quarter Horses to the mix, including the successful Acres Destiny and Mabo out of well-known Docs Freckles Oak.

This fusion has been designed to produce a horse with a good temperament, who is a willing team mate and has the innate skills to work cattle. Our breeding program aims to develop horses an owner can get the best out of for both leisure and performance.

The principle of cross-breeding to bring out the best in the breed is also being demonstrated in our program combining the finest stock horse mares with warmblood sires. This cross has produced some striking-looking progeny.

Willinga Park’s breeding program combines old-fashioned natural breeding with a cutting-edge embryo transfer program using surrogate mares. It’s a hugely successful formula delivering the next generation of performance horses.

We also have a strong interest in performance horses and have built a team of horses for competition.