About Us

About Us

Willinga Park is one of Australia’s leading Equestrian Centres and an Events and Conference destination set on 2,300 acres on the South Coast NSW.  Combining award-winning architecture, public art sculptures and stunning botanical gardens it offers luxury accommodation, custom dining and tailored experiences.  Willinga Park is also home to numerous equine sporting events including Dressage by Sea CDI, Eventing@Willinga and Jumping@Willinga.  This world-class venue is designed for multiple equestrian disciplines.

Willinga Park has now added a first-class, purpose-built equine hospital to its extensive equestrian facilities. The hospital combines functionality, practicality and flow with aesthetic design creating equine excellence for both horses and their owners. The hospital consists of multiple examination rooms, imaging suites including MRI (G-scan) and digital radiography, two induction and recovery boxes with direct access to a large surgical preparation area and surgical theatre. The standing surgery suite allows for head surgery (including dental procedures), standing fracture repair, surgeries relating to the reproductive tract and laparoscopy. Post surgery, including critical care, patients are stabled in state-of-the-art boxes, all equipped with 24/7 monitoring, oxygen outlets, fluid set up and build to providing the highest hygiene standards.

The hospital laboratory enables swift results from blood and other diagnostic tests aiding the veterinary team in the diagnosis and treatment of clinical disease at the same time being an integral part of health and preventative medicine.

In vitro production of equine embryos via ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection) is one of the latest services provided by Willinga Park Vet Hospital. Our spacious assisted reproductive technologies laboratory meets the highest standards to hygiene and sterility. Air quality is completely controlled as the laboratory can only be entered through an airlock, maintaining positive pressure. The lab has its own heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. Equipment includes several vertical flow cabinets, incubators, ICSI microscope and time-lapse incubator, allowing regular assessment of developing embryos while minimizing disturbance and stress adding to a better end result in the OPU/ICSI program on offer.

A separate breeding barn adjacent to the hospital caters for all mares visiting Willinga Park utilising our comprehensive reproduction and stud medicine services. Thoroughbred mares can be prepared for walk-in to stallions standing at stud in other parts of Australia. Our team provides a complete range of reproduction services to horses and ponies of all breeds. Artificial insemination, embryo transfer, OPU-ICSI, mare and stallion infertility investigation, semen collection and evaluation, semen freezing reproductive surgery are all included.

The hospital has rehabilitation facilities including and Aqua treadmill, walker, swimming pool, gallops as well as indoor and outdoor arenas. Post surgery or after an injury horse, owners, trainers and or riders are often enthusiastic to start exercising their horse or pony. However, repair of soft tissues following orthopaedic surgery or treatment take at least 60 days. Stable rest, followed by paddock rest, ridden walking or hand walking, aqua treadmill and finally active training including hill training all play a key role into a successful return to soundness.


Drive straight through the main gate, stay on this road for approximately 1km and turn right at the bottom of the hill. Follow stockyard lane until you see the Vet Hospital.


Willinga Park Vet Hospital
02 4405 5658