About Us

About Us

Welcome to Willinga Park Vet Hospital, your premier destination for equine excellence on the South Coast of New South Wales. Nestled within the picturesque surroundings of Willinga Park, our state-of-the-art equine hospital stands as a testament to our commitment to world-class veterinary care. The hospital seamlessly integrates functionality, practicality, and aesthetic design, fostering equine excellence for the benefit of both horses and their owners.

The facility boasts multiple examination rooms and advanced imaging suites, including an impressive and unparalleled MRI system (G-scan), the only one of its kind in Australia, along with digital radiography. Our hospital features specialised induction and recovery chambers integrated with two expansive and surgical theatres. The standing surgery suite allows for laparoscopy, head surgery, standing fracture repair, and reproductive tract surgeries. For patients requiring intensive and critical care, our ICU is equipped with portable monitors, fluid pumps, and an oxygen delivery system. In our hospital laboratory, rapid results from diagnostic tests are prioritised, particularly crucial in emergency situations. Our team of board-certified specialists in internal medicine and surgery is also dedicated to managing a range of inflammatory, infectious, and infiltrative diseases associated with colic. Equipped with modern diagnostic tools, we specialise in identifying and treating common causes of colic, including gas colic, large colon displacements, feed impaction or obstruction, enteritis, colitis, and small intestinal lesions. With comprehensive care as our focus, we are committed to delivering solutions for colic prevention through strategic environmental management.

Our team excels in providing an exceptional array of cutting-edge equine reproduction services, setting a new standard for excellence. Tailored to horses and ponies of all breeds, our comprehensive offerings include artificial insemination, embryo transfer, mare/stallion infertility investigations, semen collection, evaluation, and freezing. One of our remarkable achievements is pioneering the in vitro production of embryos utilising the most advanced reproductive procedures available - intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). This ground-breaking service takes place in our expansive assisted reproductive technologies laboratory, surpassing the highest standards in hygiene and sterility. Accessible through a meticulously controlled airlock ensuring positive pressure, our laboratory is equipped with an independent heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. Equipped with vertical flow cabinets, incubators, an ICSI microscope, and a time-lapse incubator, the laboratory design enables consistent evaluation of developing embryos while minimising disruption and stress. This ensures unparalleled success in our OPU/ICSI program.

The hospital showcases extensive rehabilitation facilities, including an Aqua treadmill, walker, swimming pool, gallop track, as well as several indoor and outdoor ebb and flow arenas. Guided by our experts in surgery and sports medicine, our comprehensive rehabilitation program plays a pivotal role in ensuring a successful return to soundness following surgery or injuries.

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Enter the Willinga Park main gates, and follow the main road past the 'Tree of Paradise' sculpture (red tree sculpture) and arenas. You will then make the next right turn onto Stockyard Lane. Follow this road and you will arrive at the Vet Hospital. You may park in front of the Hospital to unload.


Willinga Park Vet Hospital
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