Equine Emergency and Critical Care

Emergency and Critical Care

Willinga Park Vet Hospital is your trusted partner for equine emergency and critical care. Our modern facilities, including an Intensive Care Unit and on-site diagnostic laboratory, coupled with advanced imaging capabilities and 24/7 emergency and critical care, give our specialists and technicians the resources required to provide the highest standard of care. As the leading and most comprehensive equine hospital in the region, we offer unmatched emergency services 24/7.

  • Specialised Facilities and Advanced Care: Our board-certified specialists and highly skilled staff utilise state-of-the-art facilities and equipment with life-support capabilities to monitor and manage patients facing any type of emergency.

  • Intensive Care Unit (ICU): For patients requiring intensive and critical care, our ICU is equipped with portable monitors, fluid pumps, and an oxygen delivery system. This enables us to ensure continuous, 24-hour monitoring of patients, including newborn foals. For treatment requiring the separation of a compromised foal and its mare, a foal box ensures the safe handling and care of the foal, while allowing the mare to maintain close physical proximity.  Within their first days and weeks of life, foals are susceptible to a variety of illnesses, including birth-associated oxygen deprivation, bacterial septicemia, developmental problems, and prematurity. With expert care and treatment, compromised foals can survive, develop, and thrive without lasting effects. Our board-certified internal medicine and surgery experts are well-equipped to handle complex dystocia cases, as well as challenges faced by compromised neonates. Licensed veterinary nurses, an on-site clinical diagnostic laboratory, and around-the-clock monitoring give your foal the best chance of survival with fewer complications.

Count on Willinga Park Vet Hospital for unparalleled equine emergency and critical care—where expertise meets unwavering commitment to your horse's well-being.

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