Grand prix warm-up arena

Grand prix warm-up arena

SIZE40m x 30m
FEATURESLighting and audio system
Sand and fibre, Ebb and Flow surface system
SUITABLE FORTraining clinics

The warm-up arena is located adjacent to the grand prix arena and luxury stables, and can be used as a standalone arena or in conjunction with the grand prix arena.


At just 10m away, the grand prix warm-up arena is a stone’s throw from the grand prix arena. The perfect location to prepare your horse before an event.

The grand prix warm-up arena is ideal for training clinics of all disciplines. The arena features the latest in arena flooring technology, combining sand and fibre, Ebb and Flow surface systems that can be adjusted to suit your event’s needs. The surface can be wet and firm for showjumping and dressage, or dry and soft for western disciplines.