Showjumping arena

Showjumping Arena

CAPACITY1000 seats
124 x 70m
PA System
Sand and fibre, Ebb and Flow surface system

Judges’ and commentators’ spaces

The showjumping arena is an outdoor arena of sufficient size to also accommodate 4 competition dressage areas. A smaller warm up arena at the south-western end of the showjumping arena is also available, with approx. dimensions of 50m x 35m.


The showjumping arena is a multipurpose open-air sand and fibre, Ebb and Flow surface that includes a separate warm-up area. 

The showjumping arena contains amenities, judges’ and commentators’ spaces.  The undercover building allows up to 1000 spectators to move freely between seating and the roadside concourse, event marquees and adjacent arenas.