WillingaPark Spot On

WillingaPark Spot On

WillingaPark Spot On

Named for the small chestnut spot in the middle of his big white blaze, Spot On is by Sezuan and out of a mare by Solos Carex.

Foaling Date28/05/2013
Registraion Number60017544

Purchased from well-respected, Denmark-based breeder Christian vang Lauridsen, Spot On is an imposing creature but incredibly gentle and sweet-natured, with an enormous engine and tireless work ethic.

He is currently competing Advanced Level Dressage with our Dressage Team overseas in the UK…

Spot On is a gentle giant, and by giant we mean it. Standing at over 18hh Spot On is a favourite here at Willinga and charms many who pass his stable… His name comes from that lovely little marking on his big white blaze.