Recap: Friends@Willinga

Recap: Friends@Willinga

Recap: Friends@Willinga

22 August 2022


We welcomed our local community, equine enthusiasts and all ‘Friends of Willinga’ to attend Willinga Park on Friday 19 of August to celebrate the achievements of one of our talented sponsored riders – Jayden Brown and the WP dressage team.

The afternoon commenced at 3pm as we invited guests to explore the grounds and take a self guided tour of our native Australian garden walk, enjoying quiet moments to themselves whilst taking in our 31 large scale sculptures sprawled across Willinga…

Our on site restaurant ‘The Stables’ catered the event with a delicious modern Asian street food menu including Bao Buns, Korean style Fried Chicken & mouth watering Pork Ribs.
Local oyster extraordinaire – Jase Finlay from ‘Oyster Life’, shucked fresh oysters served with a hint of citrus which paired perfectly with our specialised cocktails named after some of our favourite Dressage performance horses. Live music from Nat Lizak Music set the tone, as ‘Fairy Fantasy Parties Ulladulla’ kept the kids entertained with face painting and balloon animals, all under a beautiful rainbow that appeared through the misty Winter’s sunset.

At 6pm sharp we gathered in our state of the art conference hall. Willinga Park CEO Micheal Barstch and owner Terry Snow opened the screening thanking our community for it’s support and sharing with our guests, the story of Jayden Brown and his journey so far.

Jayden is a Willinga Park high level performance sport dressage rider, trainer and most of all – a determined and motivated individual. His hard work, down to earth nature and the level of excellence in which he sets out to achieve goals makes him an integral part of the WP team.

We were proud to showcase our premier screening of ‘WP’s Road the the World Championships’ which featured Jayden and our dressage team’s journey overseas so far, as they aim sky high in the hopes of eventually qualifying for the Paris 2024 Olympics.

The last scene of the film was met with rounds of applause and continued enjoyment of food, drink & celebration was encouraged.
We thank all of our friends for attending our event and look forward to welcoming you all back in the near future.

‘WP’s Road the the World Championships’ was filmed and edited by Nathalie Martinsson of Unicorn Productions and will be launched for online streaming within the next coming days.