The Ringers Western Gold Buckle Campdraft Championship returns to Willinga Park

The Ringers Western Gold Buckle Campdraft Championship returns to Willinga Park

The Ringers Western Gold Buckle Campdraft Championship returns to Willinga Park

22 November 2023

The Ringers Western Gold Buckle Campdraft Championship is taking place from May 1 to May 4, 2024 at Willinga Park and will continue to lead the way in Australian campdrafting.

In 2024 the Ringers Western Gold Buckle Campdraft Championship will run under the affiliation of the ABCRA. Over the four days, the program will feature six events, including the highly anticipated Gold Buckle Championship, the fiercely competitive State of Origin contest, the Cut-Out competition, and the Ladies Dash for Cash. Additionally, it will provide a platform for Australia's rising campdraft stars in the Junior and Juvenile drafts with riders as young as 8 years old competing.

Boasting an impressive $400,000 in cash and prizes with the winner of the prestigious Gold Buckle Championship receiving a $100,000 cash prize. In the current landscape, no campdraft event rivals the Ringers Western Gold Buckle Campdraft Championship in terms of prize money.

Terry Snow emphasizes, “This event continues to set the standard for campdrafting competitions in Australia with its life-changing $100,000 prize for the winner”. 

Terry Snow is the visionary behind Willinga Park and has demonstrated a commitment to the sport of campdrafting through the creation of this extraordinary venue. Willinga Park sets itself apart by seamlessly blending state-of-the-art amenities with a deep understanding of the unique needs of campdrafting horses and riders. The impressive design of the campdrafting arena with two grandstands, and the cutting-edge infrastructure provide an environment that prioritizes the precision and agility required for this demanding sport.

With a keen eye for detail, Terry Snow has ensured that every aspect of the venue, from the campdrafting arena itself to the top-tier stabling, training facilities and equine and rider amenities, is optimized to meet the highest standards of equine care and training. This dedication to excellence has elevated the status of Willinga Park as a premier campdrafting destination.

The Ringers Western Gold Buckle Campdraft Championship is more than just a sporting event; it’s often a family affair. Through the generations, grandparents, parents, and children all compete in this growing sport and the program caters for them all.

The Ringers Western Gold Buckle Campdraft Championship program is not only exciting for competitors, but it has also become a major drawcard for spectators.

Over 3,000 spectators are expected to attend the event in 2024 across the four days and who will experience a festive range of entertainment including music entertainment and the Trade Village together with The Signature Bull from Ringers Western. 

The Swamp Kitchen and the Swamp Bar will be serving great food and beverages, alongside a selection of Food Trucks offering something for every taste. During the Friday and Saturday evenings enjoy a drink from the Swamp Bar under the Sperry tent whilst enjoying the music entertainment.

The Ringers Western Gold Buckle Final will take place on Saturday 4 May with ticketed prime viewing available from the Ringers Western Grandstand and the Willinga Park Grandstand.

Airtime Freestyle Motocross entertainment will feature on Saturday 4 May with their action-packed show launching motorcycles high in the air while performing some of the most death-defying stunts.

The Final of the Ringers Western Gold Buckle will kick off with the Opening Ceremony, national anthem and the introduction of the finalist who will all compete for the $100,000 cheque and the beautifully crafted Roohide saddle.

The event promises an enjoyable experience for riders, their families, friends, and campdrafting enthusiasts.  Even if you have never experienced campdrafting, Willinga Park is on show and spectators can enjoy the campdraft festivities whilst exploring the beautiful Willinga Park, its award-winning architecture, a walk amongst the stunning botanical gardens and explore the large display of over 35 art sculptures. Dogs are welcome on leads.

“The Willinga Park team are excited to see Australia’s campdrafting fans,” says Terry Snow. “We look forward to an amazing experience as the eyes of the campdrafting world are set on the nation’s top campdrafting competition."

Recognizing the vital role that campdrafting plays in Australian heritage, Willinga Park is dedicated to showcasing this beloved sport on its world-class venue. Staying true to the Willinga Park mission of elevating campdrafting as a spectator sport, the event is livestreamed across the four days at

Over 40 hours of action will be live streamed, where campdraft enthusiasts are able to watch all the action and not miss a minute of the competition from around Australia and internationally, with viewers in the USA, Canada and United Kingdom. To watch on demand the livestream can be viewed again at Willinga Park TV YouTube.

The livestream will be hosted by Dan Steers from Double Dan Entertainment who will go behind the scenes, keep viewers informed and chat to some interesting personalities and riders.

For riders interested competing in the 2024 event, further information regarding  nominations, prize money, and the program will be made available on Willinga Park's website.

Further details on spectator tickets and entertainment will be announced with details available on the website.


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