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Willinga Park Event Q&A's

What is Willinga Park?

Willinga Park is a world-class equestrian facility located in Bawley Point, New South Wales, Australia. It's renowned for hosting a wide range of prestigious equestrian events throughout the year, featuring top riders and horses from around the globe.

What types of events are held at Willinga Park?

Willinga Park hosts a diverse range of equestrian events, including dressage, show jumping, eventing and campdrafting.

Is Willinga Park accessible by car?  

If you're coming from Sydney, it's approximately a three-hour drive along the scenic coastal route. The park provides ample parking facilities on-site.

From Canberra, it is approximately a 3.5 to 4-hour drive to Willinga Park, covering a distance of around 290 to 340 kilometres, depending on the specific route taken.

From Melbourne, it is approximately a 7 to 8-hour drive to Willinga Park, covering a distance of around 660 to 740 kilometres, depending on the specific route taken.

Please note that travel times and distances can vary based on traffic conditions, road closures, and the specific starting location within Canberra or Melbourne. It's always a good idea to check real-time traffic updates before starting your journey.

Is Willinga Park accessible by flying?  

If you're flying in to attend an event at Willinga Park, the nearest major airport is the Moruya Airport. Moruya Airport is located approximately 25 kilometres (about a 25-minute drive) from Willinga Park.

From Moruya Airport, you can rent a car or arrange for transportation to reach Willinga Park in Bawley Point. Keep in mind that availability of rental cars and transportation options may vary, so it's a good idea to make arrangements in advance if possible.

Additionally, there are larger airports in cities like Canberra and Sydney that are further away but offer more flight options and services. If you choose to fly into one of these larger airports, you would then need to arrange for transportation to reach Willinga Park, which may include renting a car, taking a shuttle service, or using other transportation options.

Are tickets required to attend events at Willinga Park?

Yes, most events at Willinga Park do require tickets for admission. These can be purchased in advance through our official website or at the gate on event days. Keep an eye on our website for specific event details and ticketing information.

What amenities can visitors expect at Willinga Park events?

Willinga Park provides a comfortable and enjoyable experience for all attendees. Our amenities include the Bunker Cafe, where you can enjoy a variety of refreshments. We also have licensed bars for those looking to relax and unwind. Restroom facilities are located throughout the venue. In addition, there are ample seating areas for your comfort, along with designated viewing areas for spectators to get the best view of the events. We strive to ensure that every guest has access to the facilities they need to make their time at Willinga Park truly special.

Can I bring my own food and drinks to Willinga Park events?

While outside food and drinks are generally not permitted, Willinga Park offers a variety of food and beverage options for purchase. These options cater to a range of dietary preferences and needs.

Is Willinga Park accessible for individuals with disabilities?

Yes, Willinga Park is committed to providing accessibility for all guests. The venue is equipped with facilities such as accessible parking, ramps, and designated viewing areas to accommodate individuals with disabilities.

Are pets allowed at Willinga Park events?

Yes, your furry friends are welcome at Willinga Park. Dogs must be always kept on leads, and owners are responsible for cleaning up after them.

If I attend an event at Willinga Park, will I be able to tour the park and see the sculptures and botanical gardens?

Yes, attendees of events at Willinga Park can explore the park, including the sculptures and botanical gardens. The park is known for its impressive collection of sculptures and beautifully curated botanical gardens, which add to the overall experience of visiting. Take some time to wander and appreciate the art and natural beauty that Willinga Park has to offer during your event visit.

Can I take photos or videos during the events?

Yes, you are welcome to take photos and videos for personal use. However, please be mindful of the performers and other attendees. The use of drones or professional photography equipment may be restricted without prior authorisation.

How can I stay updated on upcoming events at Willinga Park?

Stay in the loop by visiting our official website and following us on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. You can also sign up for our newsletter on our website, to receive the latest news and event announcements directly in your inbox.

When is the accommodation at Willinga Park available for booking?

The accommodation at Willinga Park is exclusively available during events, group bookings, and conferences.

What type of accommodation is available at Willinga Park?

Willinga Park offers modern freestanding Pavilions, providing a premium accommodation experience. These Pavilions are self-contained with spacious and elegant interiors, offering uninterrupted north-facing views of the natural landscape. Each bedroom is equipped with an en-suite and pin code entry, allowing for flexible accommodation arrangements. Additionally, the Pavilions come with amenities like free Wi-Fi, well-equipped kitchens, laundry facilities, and two parking spaces. When you stay at our Pavillions,  you also have access to our heated swimming pool and BBQ areas. 

How can I make a booking for accommodation at Willinga Park?

To make a booking for accommodation at Willinga Park, you can simply email your enquiry to bookings@willingpark.com.au. Our team will assist you with the booking process and any additional information you may need.

Can I visit Willinga Park when there isn’t an event taking place?

Willinga Park is a private property and is only open to the public on our open days & events. We welcome you to visit on these days and we update our website regularly to let you know when these days are held.

We hope this Q&A guide helps you prepare for an incredible experience at Willinga Park. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to reach out to horses@willinga.com.au.